Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Christy Clark's Cabinet Committees aren't Leaner than Gordon Campbell's

When Christy Clark came into Office she said she would have a smaller Cabinet, maybe so, but her Cabinet Committees has "Super Sized" when compared to Gordon Campbell Cabinet Committees: 

The Campbell era link is from August 14th 2010 AND there's an added BONUS too in that link... The WayBack Machine:

Cabinet Committees

Cabinet Committees

Agenda and Priorities Committee
Priorities and Planning Committee

Premier Gordon Campbell (Chair) 1 Premier Christy Clark (Chair)
George Abbott
2 Rich Coleman (Vice Chair)
Rich Coleman
3 George Abbott
Michael de Jong
4 Pat Bell

Kevin Falcon
5 Michael de Jong
Margaret MacDiarmid 6 Kevin Falcon
Joan McIntyre
7 John Les

8 Mary Polak

9 Ben Stewart

Treasury Board

Treasury Board

Colin Hansen (Chair) 1 Kevin Falcon (Chair)
Shirley Bond (Vice-Chair) 2 Shirley Bond (Vice-Chair)
Stephanie Cadieux
3 Ida Chong

Ron Cantelon
4 Rich Coleman
Ida Chong
5 Michael de Jong
Steve Thomson
6 Colin Hansen
Ben Stewart
7 Randy Hawes
Pat Pimm

8 Terry Lake

9 John Les

10 Mary McNeil

Cabinet Committee on  
Cabinet Committee on 
Climate Action and Clean Energy
Families First

Premier Gordon Campbell (Chair) 1 Mary McNeil (Chair)
John Yap (Vice Chair, Climate Action) 2 Stephanie Cadieux (Vice Chair)
Bill Bennett (Vice Chair, Clean Energy) 3 George Abbott
George Abbott
4 Marc Dalton

Pat Bell

5 Dave Hayer

Shirley Bond
6 Gordon Hogg
Rich Coleman
7 Margaret MacDiarmid
Iain Black

8 Joan McIntyre
Barry Penner
9 Don McRae

Naomi Yamamoto
10 Jane Thornthwaite
Eric Foster

Dan Doyle (ex officio)

David Emerson (ex officio) 13

Cabinet Committee on 

Jobs and Economic Growth

1 Pat Bell (Chair)

2 Moira Stilwell (Vice Chair)

3 Donna Barnett

4 Harry Bloy

5 Shirley Bond

6 Rich Coleman

7 Rob Howard

8 Blair Lekstrom

9 Mary Polak

10 Ralph Sultan

11 Steve Thomson

12 Naomi Yamamoto

Environment and Land Use Committee
Environment and Land Use Committee

Barry Penner (Chair)
1 Steve Thomson (Chair)
George Abbott
2 Terry Lake (Vice Chair)
Pat Bell

3 Pat Bell

Randy Hawes
4 Bill Bennett

Kevin Krueger
5 Murray Coell
Terry Lake
6 Rich Coleman
John Slater
7 Eric Foster

8 Randy Hawes

9 Don McRae

10 Pat Pimm

11 Mary Polak

Cabinet Committee on 

Open Government and Engagement

1 Margaret MacDiarmid (Chair)

2 Blair Lekstrom (Vice Chair)

3 Stephanie Cadieux

4 Ida Chong

5 Gordon Hogg

6 Kevin Krueger

7 Richard Lee

8 Don McRae

9 John Slater

10 Naomi Yamamoto

Legislative Review Committee
Legislative Review Committee

George Abbott (Chair) 1 Blair Lekstrom (Chair)
Barry Penner (Vice-Chair) 2 Terry Lake (Vice Chair)
Bill Bennett
3 Shirley Bond
Michael de Jong
4 Ida Chong

Norm Letnick
5 Michael de Jong
Moira Stilwell
6 Douglas Horne
Jane Thornthwaite
7 Norm Letnick

8 John Rustad

9 Ralph Sultan

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