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Who's the Mole in Metro Vancouver's Translink?

Who's the Mole at Translink? Page 2 of 18
Looking for specific information on-line, and still getting lost?  How about this little index where I found that "public bodies are responsible for ensuring that all personal information in their custody or under their control is secure." -  F07-01
Update March 29, 2012:  BC Transit has been visiting this page, so too has Christy Clark's government.  In the above image there are TWO references in the original document which for number 2, dead ends. For your convenience, Dear Readers, here it is in Black and White:

Google Search:  “Key Steps in Responding to Privacy Breaches”OIC
First Result:

Key Steps in Responding to Privacy Breaches - Office of the ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
KEY STEPS IN RESPONDING TO PRIVACY BREACHES. June 2008. Purpose. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to public bodies and ...
Page 2 of 7 is a great place to start reading: 
Step 1: Contain the Breach
You should take immediate common sense steps to limit the breach. These steps would include: etc.

Vaughn Palmer, of the Vancouver Sun, dedicated his whole column today to "Dix makes significant misstep".

"Someone from the Transit police contacted The Vancouver Sun. They asked me about it and I confirmed it." - Adrian Dix

Adrian Dix, the Opposition Leader of the BC NDP, was given a Warning on March 3, 2012 for not having a Fare card as proof of payment for his ride.  Dix says he bought an all day pass, but when challenged by the Translink Police for proof, he couldn't find it.  Dix says he takes full responsibility for not having the Fare Card, and in future he will put it in his wallet.

I'd like to know whether Translink, who regulates the Police Officers who man our transit system, or ICBC which is responsible for collecting fines and tolls, as to what exactly they are doing to chase down and discover which of their employees has violated provincial laws.   I'd like Translink and ICBC to go after the Vancouver Sun and to discover if tips are being done on a regular basis.

I'd like to know if Translink and ICBC are a step ahead of the Minister of Advance Education in tracking down documents that are leaked into the wrong hands.

Has this Officer, or the Vancouver Sun, never heard of "News of the World" and its demise?   Has this Translink Officer not looked at the Oath he swore?

Once should have been enough for the public to hear this: ""People care about what we do," came the astonishing answer" - Eminata president Randy Cox

Is this the logic that the Translink Police Officer used to convince himself that he had the RIGHT to search company records that are being held in TRUST, and then pass them onto the Press?

Why all the fuss?   Look, as far as Dix was concerned, he accepted the Warning and thought that was the end of it on March 3rd.   Vaughn Palmer seems to think that Dix should have gone public with the Warning even though there wasn't a Fine leveled on Dix.

It appears as though the Press wants to make Dix look bad in the eyes of the public.  Got news for you, the Press only needs to go back to 2003 to find something really worthy of reporting on a politician who comes across the path of a REAL Police Officer:

For Immediate Release - Jan. 10, 2003
Office of the Premier

I have made a serious mistake, and I want to apologize to everyone including my family, my colleagues and the people of British Columbia.

Last night, I was returning home from dinner with friends, and the Maui police pulled me over. I was arrested and charged with driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. I do not intend to contest the charge.
I will make myself available to the media Sunday, Jan. 12, at 3 p.m. at a location to be determined.
Gordon Campbell

The associated mug shot went Viral, and its still easily accessible on the internet, but not for here, not on this blog.

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Two other blogs that have written on Adrian Dix's misstep

.... and everyone else who hops on the B-Lines without paying... but this latter grouping, they're not politicians, no negative Press needed for Translink Police to pick up on.