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Where oh where did I find the basis for this Post? The "de-professionalization of teachers"? It emerged from my Last Post, and now I think I hear a Chorus.

 I remember hearing "The Last Post and Chorus" on CBC (Radio), must be thirty years ago.  The commentator for the show explained that the words were wrong.    "Did the bugles sound the last post and chorus", it worked because it had everything to do with the "rhyming and timing".   I liked it so much..... reminded me of one of my Grand Fathers........ I went out and bought the tape.   Still brings tears to my eyes.

Willie McBride's  Did the bugle sing The Last Post And Chorus; Did the pipes play The Flowers Of The Forest? Did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind; In some faithful heart ......

And here I find that the BC Liberals use rhyming and timing to soothe the public when it comes to Public Education.... and they've been doing it ever since 2001.  It turns out that the Public Library search criteria that I found that worked in the last Post, works exceedingly well for Google Searches too. 

Or maybe its just pure luck!


 The above link creates TWO THREE hits, its the last one that is crucial to what's happening in our Province, has been happening in our BC schools, and causing all of the turmoil by the BC Liberal Government since Christy Clark was Minister of this Title:

 The evolution of professionalism:
educational policy in the provinces
and territories of Canada
Adrienne S. Chan
Donald Fisher
Kjell Rubenson

"We argue that the types and quantities of legislation since May 2001, when the Liberal government took power, has been designed, in part, to undermine the BCTF and to deprofessionalize teachers. Under the guise of creating a more flexible system and with the slogan of “putting the children first”, the government has made education an essential service, created a legitimate space for parent volunteers to work in classrooms, created school planning councils that bring parents into a professional decision-making role, given more power to the school boards in labour disputes, increased class size, and redefined the powers of BCCT by changing their mandate and governance structure.

Three other trends characterize the de-professionalization of teachers: the home school movement, the expansion of independent schools, and the increasing emphasis on skills....."

And please keep in mind here that the Government rubs their collective hands together every time they hear a new Private or Independent school is opening its doors, because the government gets to cut half the monies that students would have received if their parents had chosen to keep them in the public school.  But wait a minute, it was Education Minister Christy Clark who declared that it was the Child's right to choose which school they wanted to go to.  Imagine, the government leaving the serious business of where children should be going to school, its children making that decision, not adults, but Children who don't even have the right to VOTE.

Its Saturday, plenty of spare time to do some reading...... British Columbia starts on page 11.

Its been reported by the Mainstream News Media that the BC Liberals have the power, the clout, be the bully to ram their legislation through to ensure that every teacher shows up for work on Monday.  Clark and Abbot chose not to, money in the bank.  They could have invoked Closure and they didn't.  The reason our children are not going to school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is not a one sided as the BC Liberal government makes out.

The Conclusions to  The evolution of professionalism: starts on page 219:

"........The BC Liberal Government, too, followed the course set by Alberta and Ontario, and made radical funding reforms one of its hallmarks, reducing education funding by approximately $200 million in 2001 and 2002 (BCTF, 2002)......"


 Evolution 20071203.indd
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by AS Chan - Cited by 6 - Related articles
table was developed for each province and territory for all the themes, as well as a thematic table ..... office on June 5, 2001, under Premier Gordon Campbell. The Liberal ...... that each school district receive the exact same funding per student, which has been ...... Campbell, Gordon, 19, 234. Canada ... Clark, Christy, 20 ...


Adrienne S. Chan, Donald Fisher, and Kjell Rubenson

This book takes a policy studies approach to documenting both regional and pan-Canadian changes in educational policy directed at schooling from the late 1980s through 2005. Our intent is to map the relation between the most important socio-political-economic-structural forces and these policies. The focus is on the production of policy within changing policy environments.

Our work began as part of larger five-year national study1 aimed at gauging the impact of structural change on teaching in Canadian schools with the added objective of helping shape future educational policy.      SNIP

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