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Michael Smyth's column on "Recognition Cupboard" is on a BC Liberal Government website, open to the public

The finance ministry has a website called “The Online Recognition Cupboard” (UPDATED 2017-06-28) stocked with presents, and employees don’t need formal permission to use it, according to the “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the site.
Question: “Do I need my manager’s approval to recognize someone with the Recognition Cupboard items?”  - Vancouver Province - Michael Smyth

BC Government Website:   Look for   WHAT WE OFFER column in the link below

The BC Public Service Online Store gives our employees quick access to great gear and giftware, discounts on computer merchandise, fitness memberships and more.

Loan forgiveness

Dedicate a portion of your career to the BC Public Service after graduation and we'll show our commitment to you by forgiving your BC Student Loan at the rate of one-third of the total per year. That means after three years of service your total BC Student Loan will be forgiven. This also applies to current full-time or part-time regular employees who have a BC Student Loan in good standing.

Gee, if only ALL BC students loans were treated in this fashion, there would be monies left over to put a down payment on a HOME.    Now that would truly be a Recognition Cupboard for the masses instead of the few government employees. ..... Out of curiousity, this "forgiving", was it applied to David Basi and Bobby Virk?  Is there some sort of rider on the student loan, that if someone pleads guilty in a criminal case of Breach of Trust, say the BC Rail Trial, then there should be an onus on the part of the Special Prosecutors, and the Defense Counsel, to negotiate the repayment of the original past forgivenesses..........? Just a little incentive here to act as a niggling reminder to public servants and OIC appointees.   How much money are we talking about?   Would it start to put a dent in the $6 million?

More Perks

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon agrees with rewarding his employees..... "Finance Minister Kevin Falcon pointed out the program has been in place for many years, having been introduced by the NDP in 1999." - Victoria Times Colonist -

Falcon defends government reward program

Finance minister says the $1.5-million Online Recognition Cupboard ‘is entirely appropriate’

Since 1999, and up to the next two years, the NDP Recognition program didn't have to suffer through a CORE review done on it when the BC Liberals had their landslide victory at the polls in 2001.   For the past 10 years the Finance Department under various BC Liberals Ministers have been pumping Recognition monies into rewarding their employees, not just on the one day of reaching retirement, but incrementally "20, 25, 30 years or longer" and that was just half of the Recognition package cost.  The other half was "to a number of special events each year, including long-service awards dinners and a dinner to celebrate exceptional innovations in civil service. “It’s not people just firing around gifts to each other for fun,” Falcon said."    "firing"?   Not for "fun"

I've seen some RoadRunner magazines where awards were made for the work of the employees of the BC  Government, is this one example of Special Events?  Fact is the Minister of Highways, who is now the Minister of Finance was a huge booster of the Recognition program as outlined in this particular RoadRunner magazine, the "Special Edition":

Road Runner Special Edition


“People aren’t looking for
remuneration as much
as they are looking for
simple acknowledgement.
Recognition not only
has a great impact on
employee mental health,
it also encourages
the investment that
employees make in their
work. Recognition must be
part of an on-going,
long-term process.”

– Jean-Pierre Brun, Ph.D.
Chair in Occupational
Health and Safety
Université Laval

For mor information of past editions on the Road Runner Employee Newsletter
(indexed) from 1999 to November 2011

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