Monday, February 27, 2012

BC Government's Open Information website only needs an "OpenRoad" to find this

Looking for selective information in the BC Government's haystack is like trying to find that needle.

For instance, its far easier to search for one magical word, but just what is it?   Multiple of words used in Google works just fine, but in the Open Information format, forget it.. eg "other supplies for the fiscal year ended march 31" results in ONE hit.  In all the data, that is ours' to look at, "other supplies" shows up once under Christy Clark's steady hand...... or rather Kevin Falcon's steady hand.

I went for OpenRoad because they stated quite clearly on their website who they have worked for.  The result is four hits, I went with the last one:

[text/plain] "Other Supplies for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011" ...
... LTD.,"557,896.00", OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS,"115,880.00", OPEN TEXT

There are 4968 lines in the Excel Spread Sheet that total $7,625,997,652.00 for one Fiscal year

Other Supplies????  What's squirreled away that Covers just SUPPLIES!

I decided to sort the above Excel info via the MOST expensive bills that Finance Minister Kevin Falcon spent on our behalf for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011.  Can't really lay the blame for all this spending at the feet of former Finance Minister Colin Hansen because we know that his answer would be...."Not on my Radar".

Under the former Finance Minister control though, Colin Hansen constantly stood up in the Legislature and crowed about how the Sea to Sky Highway was only going to cost taxpayers $600 million, and then in this Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2011 the public gets nailed with a $63 MILLION dollar bill, AND we will get nailed $63 Million dollars every year, for the next Twenty-Five years, until the total cost ...... sounds like another one of those DEFERRAL bookkeeping accounts.... that the BC Liberals like to use all of the time, to make their accounts look OH-SO Good.

I could have used any "Supplier" to search the database, but I'd never really considered other phrases like    RIGHT OF WAY COMPENSATION or SEA TO SKY HIGHWAY INVESTMENT LIMITED PARTNERSHIP or SEVERANCE SETTLEMENTS as being listed, or simply typing in FUNERAL.

Or about this one   PUBLIC DEBT SERVICING COSTS..... over $2 Billion.   The Severance Settlements during Gordon Campbell's watch.... over $18 Million.   Christy Clark takes over and her tally for a new regime of foot soldiers to tend to her needs $2.4 Millon and climbing almost monthly with the loss of Chris Olsen and replaced with two from the Conservative Government.

As to Right of Way Compensation, is that for the lucky property owners that stood in the way of the new South Fraser Connector?

Premier Christy Clark constantly talks that under her watch taxes will not go up.  Just who does she think has been paying the taxes during the past year while Victoria is burning through our tax dollars?

The end of the next Fiscal years is just over a Month away........ will it take till JUST before the next Provincial election to discover just how badly the BC Liberals have been working AND will it be even more difficult to discover?

Laila Yuile last year gave us the heads up on the Shadow Toll on the Sea to Sky Highway. Now we know its costing us over $63 million per year. The Road Counters embedded in the road are not visible to British Columbians, but every other highway is....... and now we know why.
Post Script:  For the Fiscal Year ending 2010


The debt servicing costs has gone UP in 2011 by close to $18 million

To access this Excel file you need to have the latest in software.... its almost like the BC Government really want Families First  to spend their hard earned monies not on keeping tabs on the BC Liberals.



Compare the above to this Earlier Post of mine.

 BC Government has (future) Contractual Obligations on the Sea to Sky Highway. We were told it wasn't a penny more than $600 million, but its actually $1.016 Billion and counting!

  Public Accounts 2008/2009 stated that 2010 would cost British Columbians $76 million, 2011 = $51 million, 2012 = $ 52 million

The numbers are way out of whack and if Teachers and other Public Sector contracts are supposed to be held at Net Zero why are private contractors, the pet projects of the BC Liberals P3 agreements not hindered by the same iron fisted rule?

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