Saturday, February 11, 2012

1945 Comparing Apples with Oranges Hydro rates in North America to 2010

1947 Comparative Prices for Electricity in North America (VPL newspaper clippings)

 The above is "cents per kilowatt hour sold in 1942" during WORLD WAR II
The information is gathered from 56 US of A and Canadian Provinces (Newfoundland not included)

We have some world unrest, not economics alone, taking place two years after this study was done.

2010 Comparative index for Electricity in North America (Quebec Hydro)


Manitoba Hydro.... Manitoba has a Hydro

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Grant G said...

That chart means less than nothing, BC Hydro has a two tier rate system.

Every HOME, meaning (house) falls into this tier.

Only the first 1250 watts are on tier 1...Everything used above that amount is considerably more.

Big homes with larger families receive hydro bills every 2 months rhat are..

$6 7 8 9 hundred dollars,