Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why does China need our Natural Gas when they have more beneath their own soil?

It looks like the BC Liberal government of Christy Clark has missed the boat when it comes to shipping liquid natural gas off to China via Kitimat.   As early as April of 2011 reports have been coming out of China announcing their intention of tapping into their own shale reserves via Fracking, one hitch though, a lack of fresh water.

Maybe they'll start to tap into converting salt water into fresh water, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

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Hugh said...

BC Hydro would need to access expensive new sources of electricity for the additional production of natural gas.

This will cause it to lose money, because the needed new electricity costs more than what BC Hydro sells it for.

For the production of LNG for export, BC Hydro may need to supply a lot more electricity, again at a loss.

NG and LNG is lose-lose for BC Hydro, IMO. Rates will have to go up a lot to cover these losses.