Monday, January 23, 2012

Employees Who are direct relatives or permanently reside together: Basi Virk comes to mind, but who else?

After the kerfuffle, or perhaps it happened during the BC Rail Trial that involved David Basi and Bobby Virk, the BC Liberal government quietly went about and rewrote the Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees, which covered their hand picked Cabinet personnel as well.   Here's a Google keyword search   bc government public service standards of conduct

The Google hit of interest is this, fourth one down:

Standards of Conduct for Public Service Employees
Specifically on page 4:

"Employees who are direct relatives or who permanently reside together may not be employed in
situations where:........"

Okay, Okay, the two press people don't share the same Employer, but, they not only permanently reside together, they WORK together on the same set and are DIRECT RELATIVES.   Just what were the BC Liberals thinking when the Standards of Conduct for Public Employees were Re-cycled-concocted?

 Dave Basi directly related to Bobby Virk......Aneal Basi, mustn't leave out Mr. Basi even though the Charges were stayed against him by the Special Prosecutor in the Six Million Dollar Deal.

There was another connection during the BC Rail Trial, that of an Employee of the BC Liberal Party being a Direct Relative to an RCMP Officer investigator in the BC Rail fiasco.

Okay, Okay, the two don't share the same employer, probably didn't reside permanently together, "they WORK on the same set and are DIRECT RELATIVES".... where have I seen that before?


Public Service Oath Regulation


What sent me off, to look for this particular piece of info was something that was, is, contained in the Blues that Christy Clark.....oops, the Premier was speaking from  



Afternoon Sitting


 just above line 1605

The Chair: Premier, just a reminder that no electronic devices are supposed to be used during estimates.

 What's this, no RIM Blackberries?   No iPhones?

For those who haven't delved into the whole of the BLUES, now would be a GREAT time to do so.

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