Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crude Awakening - Restarting an oil refinery after an emergency shutdown

From an Annotated Bibliography
Biba, Erin. "Crude Awakening." Wired 18.10 (2010): n.pag. Science Reference Center. Web. 12
Apr. 2011.
The article discusses ways to save oil refineries in the U.S. after they've experienced an emergency shutdown. It explains that the process of restarting is slow and hazardous and goes into suggestions to make it go more smoothly. In reference to rebooting the hydrocracker, Biba warns that if not checked over thoroughly explosions may escape from the equipment. This warning is relevant to the paper and provides a possible limitation to the proposal. The source this article is from is a reputable and credible magazine, and overall the information is fairly relevant to the paper, therefore it rates a four on a scale of one to five, five being the most helpful.   -  Crude Awakening   Erin Biba

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