Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The reason that Christy Clark is building the Port Mann Bridge has changed from the Gordon Campbell era

"The workers building the Port Mann Bridge know they aren't just building it for the Lower Mainland - they are building if for families in places like Woodstock, Ontario so they can get auto parts delivered from Asia."  This is what Premier Christy Clark told the Vancouver Board of Trade....... However, auto parts being made in Asia, for a Toyota plant in Woodstock, Ontario will never pay a TOLL for their products to cross the Port Mann Bridge, fact is, those products will be transported across Canada, by RAIL.

Its British Columbian families that are paying for the TOLL on the Port Mann Bridge, not the families in Ontario.

Premier Christy Clark

BC owned Port Subdivision rail line IS, of course, BC Rail.....

Source for the above is here  "Look for November 9, 2011"  Office of the Premier


BC Rail was supposed to be winding Down and here the Province of British Columbia is plunking down $50 million to improve the BC owned Port Subdivision rail line.

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