Monday, November 21, 2011

New Council for the City of North Vancouver: High Rise Corridor and Mineral Rights

 Abbotsford decided on the Weekend NOT to go for a P3 Water project costing close to $100 million.

In a CNV Council meeting in 1973, duly recorded in the Local Newspaper, it was settled where High Rises were to be built based on a forecasted maximum population of 55,000.   Here it is 2011, 38 years later, and the OCP has changed all that,  so too on where to place the population in excess of 55,000.

Keep on reading the write-up in the newspaper, its the last bit that had me really interested.

In Other Business, council decided to spend $3,500 to buy up five private mineral claims on 160 acres of Crown land within the city's watershed at the headwaters of the Lynn Creek.

The claims, owned by the Boston, Mass based Lynn Valley Copper Co., date from before the First World War and have not been worked for many years, if ever.

Another 11 claims, totaling about 500 acres, are thought to remain within the watershed.  Council has adopted a policy of buying up claims as they become available and has previously purchased a total of 92 acres.

The city watershed, which is separate from the adjoining Greater Vancouver Regional District watershed, cover about 1,000 wooded acres.

Abbotsford, are you listening, in 1983 CNV SOLD their own privately held water supply to the Greater Vancouver Regional District and now the residents PAY to have their own water supplied back to them.  Go figure. 

My questions are: Who owns those Mineral Rights, did they go with the Watershed sale?   And if its the City's, have they forgotten they own the Mineral Rights and can they be sold on the open market or can it be expropriated by the BC Liberals?

And to Abbotsford:  Did your municipality go down that same path with your existing watersheds, that is, who own the MINERAL RIGHTS and what's in them?


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