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Putting aside the Third Party financial "harm" that was caused by the BC Liberals; putting aside the issue for not allowing government employees to follow their statutory responsibilities; there's this other problem, the Pandora's Box of Radioactive substances being strewn across public land!

While down at the Vancouver Public Library yesterday, I came across many articles, one in particular caught my attention.... a newspaper clipping on the BC Royal Commission of Inquiry on Uranium (RCIUM), Chaired by University of BC Epidemiologist, Dr. David Bates on February 16, 1979.

Let's put aside the $30 million that was the means by which Premier Christy Clark was able to stop a cold winter "Blizzard" in its tracks last week.  The fact is, in 1913, an Austrian Doctor reported that 276 of 665 miners had died of lung cancer.... the cause...... Uranium mining!   1913!

I've had it just about up to here from these special interest groups who say that they have the right to smoke, butt out they say to me, when the long term effects of their choosing to continue to smoke is detrimental to the well being of MSP of British Columbia.   The same holds true for those in the Canadian Government who support the use of Asbestos.  A quarter of my lungs are still feeling the effects, and I didn't even ask to be involved in the process.

The write up in the Vancouver Sun on February 25, 1987, written by Glen Bohn, (and there's only one original copy in existence... plus my photo shots now (without a flash)) makes it quite clear just how serious Uranium mining is to the health of anyone who comes into contact with the mineral.

For instance, inside the municipal boundaries of Summerland (Prairie Flats), before the Moratorium of 1980, boring, by augering, was done for Uranium.   28 auger holes.    The contents were strewn across the land without a care in the world as to what would happen to it.   Lake Okanagan is downstream from the exploration site, air surrounds the whole site, rain is on top of the site.   I respectfully suggest that novices, including MLA Krueger, do some reading, all 202 pages, of a thesis done by a Ms. Rebecca Jane Abbott.

If anyone deserves compensation from the Government of BC, it should be those who now live on the property that has been soiled, and if not, then the people who have been eating the cattle that has been grazing on the land, should be tested for being exposed to the effects of Uranium.........
49º 35' 37" N   119º 41' 21" W

Controls at Prairie Flat (Summerland)
Bill Bennett was Premier in 1979, Social Credit Party was the government.

Mr. Bennett appointed the BC Royal Commission, then squashed it with Order-In-Council 442/80 which was the announcement of a seven year moratorium.

Seven years rolls past and Bill Bennett is gone, Bill Vander Zalm is in as the Premier.

In the Vancouver Sun article, written by Glen Bohn,  he uses keywords (for me)  like Dr. David Bates and a Dr. Ian Gummeson (Chair of the BC Medical Association) which gives a great means of searching the internet for more info.... like the Thesis done by Ms. Rebecca Jane Abbott..... which then allows for more searching.... or as RossK would say   Data Mining.

We've all heard about Blizzard, but just where is it........what was it... was there TWO instances of exploration?   In one document, and the links to the documents are along the bottom of the attached photos there is even a statement regarding that the workers were exposed to readings on the spectrometer levels 125 to 175 counts per second.   Hmmmmmm.

Radiation dose limits
Radiation dose limits are prescribed for exposures above natural background levels. For occupational exposure, the effective dose should not exceed 20 millisieverts (mSv) per year averaged over five consecutive years, or an effective dose of 50 mSv in any single year. The equivalent dose to the extremities (hands and feet) or the skin should not exceed 500 mSv in a year.

Fear not for where the Rock from Blizzard will be stockpiled.... its some place called Lassie Lake

  Page 7 of this document names the employees:
On June 11, 1980, the core burial program commenced and was completed on June 13, 1980.
The following personnel assisted in the project :

E. Larabie , P.Eng., Field Superintendent
T. Turner, P.Geol., Exploration Supervisor
Peter Olinger - John Deere tractor operator loaded core boxes on f latbed trucks .
John Olinger - Caterpillar 966C front end operator, core burial site.
Mike Larabie - assistant (loading and unloading) .
Buster Dillon - catepillar TD 20C operator, preparation of buria1 site and covered core boxes with minimum of two metres of overburden.
Kevin Jenaway - temporary help , banding core boxes, loading and unloading.
Keith Cooper - temporary help , banding core box2s, loading and unloading.
Darel Barker - temporary help , banding core boxes, loading and unloading.
Eric Swinders - temporary help , banding core boxes, loading and unloading.

Remember the movie 2001: A Space Odessy?   Monkeys, after being defeated in battle, sleep overnight in a small exposed rock crater, and awake to find that a black monolith has appeared in front of them..... and then later on when Man is on the Moon, Tycho Crater where the monolith is emitting a powerful ............. well, at the Blizzard Burial Site, they've done the same thing, but its uranium that is emitting a powerful signal from Page 9:

Radiometric measurements were taken over the burial site upon the completion of the program at 15 metre intervals.  Spectrometer levels ranged from 125 to 175 counts per second. This is considered normal background levels since readings taken along the baseline where no radioactivity was encountered in drilling  produced readings within this range.  A more detailed description of the URTEC spectrometer is included in the appendix.

Upon completion of  the placement of the core in the excavation, a large post (a monolith) was placed vertically in the center of the excavation prior to the burial. The position of this post was then measured from the surveyed baseline.  All equipment, the core storage facility, and two trailers were removed from the Lassie Lake campsite upon completion of the core burial program. The concrete foundations were covered with the surrounding glacial material.

Upon a closer inspection, the Storage area for the Rock from Blizzard goes DOWNSTREAM to Beaverdell!

Hopefully the BC Liberal Minister responsible for Health is going to notify health officials, in and around Bearverdell, that .........the Environment Minister will be doing a fly-over of the situation.


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