Sunday, October 30, 2011

BC Mining Explorations Historical Expenditures needs new column: Government Goof $30 million

$30 million to buy mineral rights on Uranium, plus the cost of the legalese people for the mining company and now we learn that there are 15 to 20 others seeking compensation....... time for the BC Liberal government, to change their layout on how Spectacular the mining exploration is going in BC, up to, and including 2010.

How is 2011 going to be presented?

Or how about this for BC Hydro's schematic.... where there are only two sources, in 2009, dam water and thermal.

Two factors are missing from the schematic below. 
TWO:  Smart Meter/Grid

Don't forget the $2.2 billion Deferral Accounts ...............
Key Facts

  • British Columbians enjoy some of the lowest electricity rates in North America, mainly because of the low historic costs of our hydroelectric generation assets.
  • The low cost of heritage resources, electricity trading revenues, conservation and energy efficiency projects and competitive processes for acquiring new power supplies will help to preserve British Columbia’s competitive rate advantage.
  • Our flexible hydroelectric system has generated significant electricity export revenues over the past decade.
  • The BC electricity sector contributes revenues to the Provincial Treasury and property taxes, school taxes and grants-in-lieu to regional districts and local governments.
Achieving electricity self-sufficiency is fundamental to our future energy security. The policies and actions we put into place today will allow our province to achieve a reliable, clean and affordable supply of electricity for tomorrow. Government has committed to being electricity self-sufficient by 2016. Through the BC Energy Plan, government is setting policies to guide BC Hydro in producing and acquiring enough electricity for future need.

Then there is this minor glitch..... when Campbell/Clark shifts Cabinets around the PAB hit their keyboards and Blair Lekstrom's name remains in the Text but he looks Older in the photo, and not as slender either.

Oooops, its Rich Coleman to the rescue.

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