Friday, October 21, 2011

1993 NDP: Carrier Lumber, 2011 BC Liberals strut their stuff of "Outrageous fashion"

".......Back in 1993, then Forests Minister Dan Miller with Mr Zirnhelt (the present minister) in tow, cancelled the timber license of Carrier Lumber of Prince George alleging failure of the company to live up to its agreement with the government. This, it turns out after a lengthy lawsuit, was a sham. The Judge, Mr Justice Glen Parrett, found that Carrier was sacrificed in the ministry’s interest, much of which was political. The NDP government had, you see, decided to assure an Indian band that these lands would not be logged then invented a reason to cancel Carrier’s license. In fact Zirnhelt, then premier Mike Harcourt and Dan Miller were all at the meeting in 1992 when the promise was made to native leaders, without notice to Carrier Lumber, that the lands would not be logged. The government did not, as one might have expected, offer the company compensatory lands or cash, or both – it simply used a phony reason for cancellation.
Fortunately, ramshackle and slow though it may be, we still have a court system in this country and Carrier sued – one might be indelicate at this point and say “sued the ass off the government.”........." Snip -
CKNW Editorial     .....for August 2, 1999 Rafe Mair     Cache version


".....British Columbia taxpayers are on the hook for $30 million after senior civil servants in the energy and mines ministry, acting against advice from the attorney-general's office, halted a uranium mining project near Kelowna by instructing B.C.'s inspector of mines to ignore it......" - By Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun October 21, 2011


In consideration of the above, by Scott Simpson and by Vaughn Palmer's column today, below, the latter closes with this cryptic message:
".....Meanwhile, try imagining what the B.C. Liberals would be saying if a private company had been treated in this outrageous a fashion by a New Democratic Party government....."   By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun October 21, 2011

The Government of British Columbia's Christy Clark's official updated version:
Updated Oct. 19, 2011 for clarification
VICTORIA - Boss Power Corp. has agreed to surrender to the Province of British Columbia all claims to its uranium exploration and mining rights at the Blizzard Uranium Deposit in the Kamloops-Kelowna region.
The legal agreement supports the Province's goal of ensuring mining exploration is safe, sustainable and economically benefits British Columbians.
In 2008, the Province announced that it would not support uranium exploration and development, and prohibited related permits being issued to any company in 2009. At that time, Boss Power Corp. held a pre-existing claim to uranium deposits in that area.
The negotiated settlement gives the Crown the mineral rights to the Blizzard uranium deposit. The Province will pay Boss Power Corp. $30 million, plus legal costs, to compensate for the economic value of the uranium deposit.
The 2003 and the 2007 B.C. Energy Plans do not permit the production of nuclear power in the Province.

Lawsuit settled on Court House Steps comes across as though Christy Clark had the Upper hand in this battle

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