Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Murder!" the headlines blared from the filing cabinets. and "Yes Mildred, there are vaccinations to cure radiation!"

I spent the afternoon sifting through filing cabinets upon filing cabinets and finally settled down to five drawers in particular, at the Vancouver Downtown Library.   My domain was the old world of the Fourth Estate, stored on the 5th floor, mixed in amongst the myriad of computers of the Fifth Estate, and a few microfiche machines from the former.   Oh, and books, lots of books too.

If enough of these clippings get read on the internet, like here, the Librarians just might have to scan the lot and drag these clippings into the future, screaming and kicking all the way.  For example: There's two drawer fulls, packed with Murders, written by the same journalists who covered the BC Rail trial.

Murderers They Wrote is their typical fare; covering a BC Government corruption case must have been BORING.

Then there was the tantalizing folder from one drawer that covered RADIATION, the same kind of stuff that's been leaking from Fukushima Nuclear Reactors since March of this year, into the oceans where our local Salmon hail from, and from the air that we breathe and the rain that falls from the clouds to water our plants and......  for us to drink.

Photos are almost good enough all on their own........... to start a riot.  Please, do read on.

A hundred years from 1957, that's 54 years to go, its going to be a tricky problem

Flip side has to do with Radiation, But McCarthy the Senator on this side, caught my attention

Question: Can a person be protected from nuclear bomb radiation in the same way he is immunized against diphtheria, polio, small pox, and many other infectious diseases?  Ans: Parke-Davis experience with the Salk anti-polio vaccine is expected to aid his search since the principle is the same.

Atomic radiation treatment of potatoes - to increase the spud's edible lifetime for a year or more, has been found possible by University of Michigan - 1953

 The above was filed under B.C. Living

Radiation from all the world's nuclear tests only equal to a single medical chest X-ray

I'll repeat that last one:Radiation from all the world's nuclear tests only equal to a single medical chest X-ray

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