Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elections BC Appendices Operation successful on VPG! HST patient DOA

In regards to the HST ballot packages that were delayed in being delivered to Voters, and then Elections BC swore to the majority of late voters that if the ballots didn't arrive on time.......

August 5 Close of voting – All ballot packages must have been received by Elections BC, a Service BC Centre or an Elections BC Collection Centre before 4:30 p.m.

Election BC has now admitted that in regards to the By-Election for the Riding of Vancouver-Point Grey VPG, which happened on May 11th, 2011,  CEO James Craig, via his Assistant Chief Electoral Officer (Electoral Operations), enacted a good-old-stand-bye-double-standard when it came to his final final (Yes, two reports) to the Speaker with the last one being delivered by the NEW CEO for Elections BC yesterday (on September 21, 2011):

2011-CEO-VNP-By-Election-Report.pdf    page 38 of 44

May 11, 2011
A voter in Vancouver-Point Grey applied for a voting package under s. 106 of the Election Act using the online application form available from the Elections BC website, but as the result of a technical issue, the voting package was not sent to the voter until May 11, 2011. The voter was unable to deliver the voting package to the Vancouver-Point Grey district
electoral office by the close of voting.
The voter was permitted to return the voting package provided that it was post-marked by the close of voting for the by-election and was received by the District Electoral Officer prior to final count. The voting package would be accepted by the District Electoral Officer as if it had been received by the deadline.

- CEO Craig James

The ONE ballot that was missing in action in The Vancouver-Point Grey by-election wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome of who was elected as an MLA, BUT if Elections BC had applied the same logic to the returning of HST ballots,............. the NO side may have won the day and saved us $1.6 billion and $85 million a year in interest charges for the next ten years.    Or the YES side would have been reinforced.

We'll never know now because Acting CEO Craig James didn't exercise his responsibilities with an even hand.

However in a 1130 News report ..... dated Aug 15, 2011 17:49:58 PM   did you know that:

Elections BC gives extensions to 39 late voters

Dave White

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) - Elections BC has revealed that 39 voters were given extensions on their HST ballot because they hadn't received one by the August 5 mail-in deadline.

The overseeing body says it had no responsibility to inform voters who were in a similar position that the extension option was available.

Extensions were only given to those who got their ballot after the mail-in deadline and complained, not those who just didn't make the deadline. The ballots were accepted but Elections BC says it had no responsibility to inform people who hadn't yet received a ballot that the option was available.

Fight HST's Bill Tieleman disagrees.   SNIP
 Now if only everyone had been given an equal opportunity..........

However, now that we have a NEW CEO for Elections BC, all of these past problems won't be happening again, Right! 

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