Saturday, September 3, 2011

Christy commits $8 million for playgrounds to "Elementary and Middle Schools". Middle Schools?

UPDATE at Bottom: Basically, CTVBC doesn't mention the MIDDLE school but does say that there are ALSO going to be 100 playgrounds included in the $8 million hand-out over the next two years.  Vancouver Sun says MIDDLE school, CTVBC says 100 playgrounds..... does this mean something other than Schools??????

UPDATE to an UPDATE     Chris Olson is on OUR side now, YES that Olson is on OUR side now.

 Chris Olson gives us the complete list of Schools who have needed playground equipment since Education Minister Christy Clark didn't take the time to.  The strange, or maybe I should say Odd thing, is that these are Ridings that need to be swung back to the BC Liberal fold since the results of the HST vote was taken just a week ago.   Hmmmmm    What did the BC Liberal candidate for the Leadership of the Party say on the topic of the HST....something about using tax dollars to bribe the tax payers.....
Christy Clark said: "We aren't going to be talking about trying to reduce it by a point or two before the referendum. I mean, I think people will see that as buying them with their own money."
 Forty-four elementary and middle schools in B.C. that don't have playgrounds will be the beneficiaries of new provincial funding to build jungle gyms, slides and climbing structures for kids, Premier Christy Clark announced Friday in Delta.  Vancouver Sun

Photo Op Christy hasn't mentioned that it was SHE as the Minister of Education that wiped out the antiquated playground equipment without providing funding for new equipment.  Looks like they took the knife too far, again.

The thing is, in her photo op write up in the Vancouver Sun this Saturday morning, there are Forty-four elementary and middle schools that will be the recipients over the next two years.

Just in case you don't remember the pecking order of school levels it goes something like this:

Pre-School........ Before Grade One  (not even mentioned)

Elementary      Grades One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Middle School  Grades Seven, Eight, Nine

High School     Grades   Ten, Eleven, Twelve

The Photo Op was at an Elementary School in Delta South......... its one of those Ridings where they voted NO to keep the HST.

Christy says she isn't going to call an election this Fall, but she certainly is in an active campaign mode right now....why else would she, the Leader of the BC Liberal Party, the premier of the Province of BC, show up at the playground with  her BC Liberal Party entourage, but not take the time, or common decency, to invite the MLA for the Riding, one Vicki Huntington who sits as an Independent.

It was a close race in 2009, and from the looks of what happened during the HST vote, Wally Oppal should have been a shoe in and still be an MLA and the Attorney General stonewalling inquiries with... no money here for the Pickton Inquiry.

George Abbott, the Education Minister was there, so too was Kevin Falcon, the Finance Minister.

Its been widely reported, now, that Christy sent out a plea to SEND MORE MONEY I NEED A FIX so that her party's depleted war chest will be ready in two years time.   I wonder where the money went to after the last election, after the leadership race where they have a reported 35,000 @ $10 per new member filling their coffers.... did it get spent on fighting the HST radicals?

Forty-four elementary and middle schools will receive provincial funding to build jungle gyms, slides and climbing structures for kids.....  and the MIDDLE SCHOOL  kids in grades 7, 8, and 9 will have to do what with their jungle gyms, slides, and climbing structures.

If possible, with the Finance Minister and Education being present at this wonderful gathering, could either of them give the public a list of these needy 44 schools because its starting to look like the Child Car Seat Caper which Gordon Campbell organized in November of 2008 to Boost his chances of a third term in 2009.

By the way El Gordo was so shook up by that incident on Booster seats, where public funds were spent on BC Liberal Ridings ONLY, that they've yanked the official photographs off of the internet.

And not to beleaguer the point of how the HST went down, its quite clear where the jungle gyms and swing ridings are, and just what lengths that premier Christy Clark will go to win them back, even on the backs of children.

Can't quite believe it still, Delta South, the Vancouver Shaughnessy of the lowlands, not having a PAC strong enough to find the monies from the adults....

Fri Sep 02, 03:11 PM

$8-million playground pledge irks striking teachers

Premier Christy Clark announced the funding for 44 new playgrounds and 100 playground upgrades on Friday, calling the jungle gyms "an extension of the classroom."
The funding will mean all elementary schools in the province will have a playground for their students.

Now here's the thing, the Vancouver Sun included Middle Schools, CTVBC didn't, PLUS CTVBC did mention 100 playgrounds and the Vancouver Sun DIDN'T.

Who's right?  Did the Vancouver Sun reporter misinterpret the BC Liberal hand-out from Pamela Martin, or did CTVBC read it a different way?


Anonymous said...

What has Christy done for, the 131.000 children living in poverty? What has she done, for the children too hungry to focus on their lessons?
Built them jungle gyms??? What about the, First Nations children, who have to keep their winter jackets on, to stay warm in their class rooms?

What we have learned of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, and big business, they themselves come first.

Big business whines and snivels, because without the HST, they can't put, the millions we have given them, to bigger bonuses, new vehicles and reno's to their places of business, off our backs.

They have provided no jobs. No money has trickled down from them either.

Campbell thieved and sold our assets. Everything he touched, he fouled and dirtied. Everything of value in BC, has been stolen and now gone. Campbell's reward for doing Harper's dirty work, is High Commissioner to England.

$8 million for playgrounds for the children, is the last thing that is needed. The parents are raising the money for playgrounds.

The BC Liberals are the answer to, what the hell's the use.

Anonymous said...

Will these playgrounds be supplied by a Canadian manufacturing company?

I have noticed on many school playgrounds that they are manufactured by U.S. companies. Why are the school boards buying from US companies when we have companies that manufacture outdoor playgrounds in Canada? We have one in Langley, BC that I know of.

Even some PACS have requested Canadian made playgrounds, but they don't have a say.

Anonymous said...

A PAC decided on a playground they wanted, since they did raise most of the money. It then went to the school board, and they brought in a US manufactured playground, sold by a Canadian representative.

Why is the government buying US manufactured playgrounds for BC schools? Why do the Canadian companies not supplying these?