Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christy Clark's "Open Information" is just more gobbly-gook bookkeeping

Under Reconstruction on a daily basis

Open Information is here:  DataBC (www.data.gov.bc.ca)

But if you want to check out how Premier Christy Clark is tabulating her Expenses per month?

She does it two ways.

Once against her name, per month, then once a second time by having her name included as part of the Premier's Office and others who work within HER office, too.  Exactly the same file(s) are used.  Then for good measure you could go looking for the names of those who work in HER office but there's no cascading link between the Premier and those who work for her in HER office.   Got it?   You have to know who they are.

For the public to check up on how much Expenses a Minister, a Deputy Minister, a Ministry is racking up on the public's dime, one has to open up one file per month per person.  Like this for the premier and don't blame me for the shoddy scanning, the Premier's Office has included a blue screen over every number, I suppose its to prevent fraudulent use of the information:

If this is the way the BC Liberal Government keeps their books, I'm surprised that the Province even has, an AAA rating.

Why not provide spreadsheet like I've provided up top.  That's ONE file, with each month being rolled in as a Column  Entry for EVERYONE who is on the payroll in Victoria?   As it is there's a report being generated in the PAB for everyone who's on the list that's required to provide their Expenses.

If I find the time tonight I'll try and do an update, then of course I would have to do an update when the September information is posted for the Christy Bunch!

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Anonymous said...

I assume this is on top of the $7 million stickman misleading advertising and other campaign for a known (by polling conducted)losing cause.

I looked at the deputy minister of Finance and its spending in July was $6,660.72 and in June was $2,689.21. Interesting subject.