Friday, August 26, 2011

Rites of Passage for Seniors: PNE $8 ; BC Ferries Rides Free Monday to Thursday; Energy spent on exercising our right's to rid us of the hated HST implementation


This info from Elections BC MUST be important because they've split their web page into two sections, left to the HST, right to everything else.   Maybe this is the NEW Elections BC where every time there was a new announcement by the OLD Elections BC they would hide it in one of their myriads of sub-directories, especially if its BAD news info, on, a Friday...... almost sounds like a true blue, not dyed in wool, BC  Liberal Government organization.
Don't stop reading here, move along folks, move along, there's more photos below........

This is most bizarre..... "Voting results will be available after the close of counting"

The Press have been saying that the due process will be that Elections BC will release the HST info to the Speaker of the Legislature, yesterday (Thursday), then it will be simultaneously released to the Public and the MLAs  on Friday morning......

The counting closed on Thursday, why the dragging of the heels?  The key word is AVAILABLE

Oh, its Friday.

Starts on Monday

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Anonymous said...

"Plan B" - is that like "Plan 9 From Outer Space"? Can't wait to hear what it is!