Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bin laden with goodies that BC Hydro's Smart Meters is intent on catching! Possibly?

While on my walk-about that was the basis for my previous blog talk-about, I alluded to the possibility that the approval by City of North Vancouver Council's on the exchange of our public property, for privately held property, may have been made without the benefit of hearing about noise pollution, by passing CN Railway trains.

This next topic can quite easily be explained away by the authorities, but I've seen their due diligent work around our community where everything, especially since the Crash of 2008, has to be done even more so by the book, by permit, and by inspector.   If a project isn't permitted, then its illegal. Want to build a curb to hold back your flower beds which borders against city property........  city hall goes the whole nine yards (three metres).  Since 2008, we have lived, breathed  Make Work Infrastructure Projects which adorn our neigbourhoods at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels of government.

Birds Eye View of a City Works Yard (soon to be old)

A few years ago this new overpass cut a swath right through the City Works Yard, where the north-western part was the majority operational section, the south-eastern portion is only accessible by leaving the main yard and driving down Bewicke Avenue.   The latter is a sort of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of place.  Brambles and bushes.  Run down. Not cared for.  Industrial zoned land that hasn't been developed to its full potential.   Maybe never will be.

I found it because I was walking on the overpass, looking for a particular angle for the camera of old city industry mixing with city public housing.

Then this angle caught my attention, and upon closer inspection there was something out of place in all the order that City Hall imposes on its lands, and us.  A heavy duty electrical cable running from the base of the lamp pole that serves to light the road on the overpass, which is not the way City Hall allows their wiring to be done.

I wouldn't suggest that a homeowner or a business owner try to tap into this source of "free" electricity.   BC Hydro's Smart Meter Program is on its way to us,....... but is BC Hydro going to apply their new standard of measuring equally to the public roads lamps as well? eh?

We all know that Osama Bin Laden is dead, but this Bin .... Laden with what?   Why does it need a heavy, constant source, of un-traceable electricity?  Does the contents of the Bin need tending?  Is there a circuit breaker inside that Bin .... Laden with what?

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