Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where's Whistler British Columbia? We have TWO!!!

Something isn't quite right here, in the Best Place on Earth, British Columbia..........  I was looking on the internet for the possibility that CN Rail had applied to discontinue a portion of the BC Rail line from its service area, but instead, I found a railway line that I didn't even know existed, especially so far North/West of the word North, as in "North Vancouver"   (see first map below).

I had to look at Google Map to get my bearings.

My  free hand line, coloured black, should have stopped near the top of the capitalized letter of "North", in North Vancouver to be the real Whistler on the map,      where the 2010 Winter Olympics took place.   According to Google Map, Whistler is 50.13N 122.95W

The railway map to their "Whistler" is located close to 50.60N 124.27W

Source for the map below shows train tracks going from North Vancouver (near Squamish???) to a town called "Whistler".....

The map, if it had included "Not To Scale", I could understand why "Whistler" was not where its suppose to be, but then other Place names mentioned on the map are equally off their marks, but not as much as Whistler.

If you take a straight edge and lay it carefully on your monitor, touch the capital letter in Kamloops and hit the northern edge of Texada Island, (long slender island with a much smaller island at its toe) you'll find Whistler. 


When I was inputting the data into this Google Map, below, I took the Departure point "A" from somewhere in downtown Vancouver, it should have been from North Vancouver, my apologies.    Arrival position of "B" is right on the money.


From Google Earth, in Terrain mode, this is "Whistler", the wrong one at 50.60N 124.27W, its marked with a yellow flag, middle, to the left in the photo.   Rough Terrain. Stunning, to say the least.

This terrain is one reason why the British Columbia Rail line cost so much money to build and maintain, and the second reason is because the BC Liberals put in a future obligation expense item, that never happened.

From "Whistler" to Lund, BC on the coast of Georgia Straight is 78.25 Kilometers, as the crow flies.
From "Whistler" to Williams Lake, interior, the Heartland, is 220.5 Kilometers, as the crow flies.
From "Whistler" to Whistler is 105.27 Kilometers as the crow flies.

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