Friday, June 10, 2011

Vancouver CBC Radio Canada has a killer of a "back lot", while the "front lot" has the Canucks playing hockey on the big outdoor screen.

We've all seen, courtesy of the Evening CBC news hour, how the Canuck fans are being treated to a big screen production of the Stanley Cup Finals.

There's two ways for the public to get into the CBC building, one is through the Canuck fans as they take up their "seats", then there's the other way, which is basically a U-turn by first going south-east, then make a left turn at the edge of the CBC building, go up the stairs, and then make another left turn at the end of the building again which brings us out to the other side from the front entrance.

Just traipse up the stairs and that's your second entrance to CBC Radio Canada, wheelchair entrance is to the right, up the ramp. 

There's a bench section Reserved for Employees of CBC Radio Canada, and the occasional visitor(s).   I say section, because the bench is covered way overhead by a glass roof.   The opposite side to where the bench is, is open to the sky and Vancouver weather.   Although, you could sit upon the bench, there's this one slight problem, if you're sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke.......

Dedication of the plaque, May 12, 1971, the bench??? no date

That device that looks like a Light Stand with a lid on it, to the right of the bench, isn't a Light Stand, its an ash tray.  When I first saw it today I thought it had a "peg leg" for a bird to perch upon, but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a spent butt.   Left me wondering if the person who put it there, had run out of steam, to push the cigarette all the way in, OR, he had struck upon a production idea for the News Hour this afternoon.  The instructions are quite clear, in both of our Official languages, English and French.......    PUSH IN and (I can't quite make it out in French)...  but you could check out Sylvain Bourdeau's website, and see what other nifty devices they have, at   see comment section below.

Made in Canada, Quebec, by Ikkwit


Britain's Princess Margret, Queen Elizabeth's sister, spent most of her adult life smoking, big time, her niece,  Princess Anne, never touched the stuff, so why is it that the only bench in the whole wide empty space of the back lot is dominated by Smokers?
Presented by Princess Anne

David Grierson, Bruno Gerussi, Otto Lowy

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Anonymous said...


... I'm the inventor of the iKkwit ashtrays. Since 2006 I have more than 5300 sold in 10 countries in the world!

It is a very good product! But as an ex smoker I agree that sometimes the buyer should reserve more space to the non smokers!

Best regards!

Sylvain Bourdeau Pres.