Friday, June 17, 2011

"End of the Universe" Not Science Fiction, in Burnaby, its on Byrne Road, just north of the Fraser River. New WestMinister's Big Bang Burger Heaven Bar

We like to call this (Greek) restaurant      End of the Universe  ... south end of Byrne Road in South Burnaby, industrial section of town.

4663 Byrne Road, #103
Burnaby, BC V5J3H6
Tel: (604) 433-7605

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sci fi  End of the universe restaurant big bang burger bar Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Anton the Chef says:

Why is it that when we ask for a hamburger we get something that is made from beef?

If we ask for a Chicken Burger, we get a burger made from chicken.

If we ask for a Turkey Burger, we get a burger made from turkey.

If we ask for a Beef Burger, we get a burger made from beef.

At this restaurant, a Ham Burger is exactly that, HAM, with lots of mushrooms, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.

Yellow Awning

3 Episodes of: “Cooking with Anton”
anton604” on youtube


Whitespot, or any other dining establishment, will query ... will that be with a topping?

And the "topping" is exactly that!  On top.

At "The End of the Universe", the summer season fruit is BLUEBERRIES:

Two Pancakes with Blueberries (August 2013):



Big Bang Burger Bar  ..............

That's Burger Heaven in NewWestminister, it can be seen from the Sky Train, and the Sky Train can be seen from the Burger Heaven.

And more images

From the Vancouver Province

Burger Heaven patrons want the HST out

Burger Heaven patrons don’t like the harmonized sales tax.
After a week’s worth of voting in the totally unscientific poll, 87 people want the HST thrown into the garbage, while 39 want to keep it.
The 10th Street eatery has had a lot of success over the years with its election polls.

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