Saturday, June 4, 2011

At precisely June 4, 2011, 11:21am the Seattle Police Department (Riot squad???) rolled into town to handle the crowds attending the Stanley Cup Finals....

UPDATE June 5, 2011

The Seattle Police Department ... Motorcycle team are here (June 4th, 2011) for the Hats Off Day in Burnaby.....
A really fun, annual event, Burnaby closes down a long stretch of Hastings Street, this time from Boundary Road to Gamma Avenue! A parade, street festivities, food galore, balloons, clowns, and much, much more takes over this busy thoroughfare, and it’s really a blast…
We will join the parade, which starts at 9 am, and we hope to see you there!
Which means that the cavalcade that I saw at 11:21am was........ empty, or late, or....definitely not here to assist, except to participate in the Hats Off Day in Burnaby.
 A crowd of over 70,000 Canuck fans rejoiced in the streets of downtown Vancouver, without a riot happening.  YES!

Vancouver's Chief of Police Jim Chu says that the city has learned from past experiences when the Canucks lost a game here, or there.    Why does the Seattle Police Department bus need to be escorted into our fair city on a Stanley Cup Finals game day at precisely 11:21am? Do they know something we don't know?

No traffic and yet there's a motorcycle officer at an intersection

Traffic Officer gives up and joins the cavalcade

Bike rack on the front for the Seattle Police Department in Vancouver
There's a lot of fossil fuel being used just to haul a bicycle around on the front bumper.  The police from south of the border could carry the bike(s) in the aisle, undercover too.

#3 IS Kevin Bieksa

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Anonymous said...

I believe the bus was part of the Motor Cycle Drill team that performed at "Hats off Day" in Burnaby this morning. The Seattle Drill team and the Vancouver Drill team both participated in the parade.