Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last month we heard that there was a problem with Radiologists not being Certified

In an earlier post I was asking about whether or not we are safe from radioactivity landing on our shores from Japan.  The Provincial government and a Medical Officer now say we are, so too has the Harper government,  but what of this latest press release saying that there will be nine more detection units set up on the BC coastline to back up the existing six stations.  Does the public even know where the existing ones are?
Medical Health Officer, Doctor Paul Gully, says that's in addition to six permanent stations. "These will be monitors which will be placed along the West Coast in order to collect information about radiation in the atmosphere, in the air.  Information from those monitors will then be continually fed back to Ottawa to be analyzed in terms of what the current situation is."
To the south, there's this link with the Disclaimer along the bottom:

"This is the first web site where the average citizen (or anyone in the world) can see what radiation levels are anywhere in the USA at any time (see Disclaimer below)"

On separate pages there is a map for Japan, Alaska and Hawaii, and Europe.

Where's the map for Canada, or more to the point, British Columbia?

And after the Provincial Health authority fiasco of not having enough properly certified Radiologist, where's the list of those nuclear technicians who are certified to read and interpret the results of these new monitors, plus the existing six?

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Anonymous said...

ok, so nobody has yet said the truth: the radioactive releases were much much higher than published. at least this is the conclusion I am reaching after reading all these expert report that keep quoting the Austrian simulations on dispersion and level of radioactivity.

so now someone in japan is taking note and asking their government to be a little more proactive. and that is good.

also, on this site ( there is the statement copied below. I took the liberty of highlighting the bullet at the bottom: isn’t that the same we would like to get from our own governments? and will they take notice?

Statement concerning Fukushima nuclear power plant accident issued by Green Action and Mihama-no-Kai (English translation: Green Action)

24 March 2011

Green Action (Japan) and Mihama-no-Kai
Urgent Statement Concerning Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident
23 March 2011

High Levels of Radiation Detected in Vegetables,
Unprocessed Milk, Water, and Soil

Unnecessary Radiation Exposure Imposed Due to
Japanese Government’s Lack of Evacuation plan
and “Declaration of Safety”

• Immediately evacuate infants and pre-school age children and pregnant women who are within the 20-30km radius (“stay indoors” zone) to locations farther from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

• Extend the evacuation zone radically to avoid further exposure

• Discontinue the “declaration of safety” that states, “there is no immediate harm to human health”. This message is not properly transmitting the dangers of internal exposure and late–onset radiation damage (cancer, leukemia, etc).