Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Google doing a satellite fly over devastated Japan?

I'll answer my own question, because even though the Japanese roads, railways, shipping lanes have been curtailed by the Earthquake and the Tsunami, the air above still leaves the option open to get a snap shot of where help is needed the most.

UPDATE for March 20th, 2011   Saigai.gsi has flown two more sorties over the tsunami areas.  I don't read Japanese, but its obvious how the GSI map has been updated both in dates, and the specifics, related to the new dates.
UPDATE April 6, 2012


岩手県大船渡市  Iwate Prefecture Ofunato

 Translated  to English, but there are options to other Languages as well.  First result on this link to Google, then hitting the Translate button generates this.

Aerial photographs were taken region, Iwate Prefecture

Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture


However, once again, "a picture is worth a thousand words" (in English)  Print and keep at hand:

This link       came to me via an email from someone who does have family in Japan, and have been found safe and sound, sort of.   Their home was not destroyed, but it is without electricity, water, and heat.  They have no means of obtaining food.  The weather conditions is freezing, with snow.

On the maps (access via the "link".  Zoom in by clicking on the "+" symbols.  The one on the map is more accurate (top right corner).   And to be even more accurate, use the cross hair on the map to centre on where you want to look.   I've used Google Earth to find the Highway (in English) and then, thankfully, the highways on the map in the "link" above, is also in English.

Google Maps to the rescue, but for some reason England keeps popping up for Japan.  You've got to spin the "globe" around to reach Japan and its highways aka routes:
Each Red Dot is a High Definition photo as of March 13, 2011

Here's two images, one Before and then After the Tsunami hit Kamaishi (Highway 283):

 And just where was the High and Dry Dry Dock before the Tsunami hit this port?

39°16'9.57"N 141°54'33.86"E

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