Friday, March 11, 2011

Epicentre Japan Friday, until further notice. Forget about Victoria on Monday

Premier Gordon Campbell sits on the sidelines this Friday evening, leaving the Premier-Designate-in-charge till Monday morning when she will be officially sworn in as Premier of British Columbia.

Until Monday, all official words from the BC Liberal Government are coming from Leader Christy Clark as to what "her" outgoing-but-current Ministers are doing to assist the overseas disaster.

Just why in Sam Hill are we paying for a Deputy Premier, Colin Hansen (Finance Minister and Health Minister of Tim Horton Fame) during these turbulent times while a side-lined, not maligned, Premier is leaving?   The last time British Columbians had chaos like this, was it during the Hawaii driving debacle or was it during the BC Rail Raid on the Legislature, where the then Deputy Premier (Christy Clark) was usurped by a Finance Minister (Gary Collins).

Google Maps above

Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant Proximity to Sendai

One would think, that with the Power Plant being built right on the sea, that a naval vessel could just warp up to the dock and off load a power system to cool off the Nuclear plant.  But no.


Earthquake history lesson

Google Earth below   38°24'4.94"N 141°30'0.93"E

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