Monday, February 21, 2011

The Prime Rate hasn't been moving up or down, according to CIBC, since September 9, 2010

UPDATE: September 22, 2011 at bottom

This statement hasn't changed over at Elections BC:

The Post from December 2, 2010 hasn't changed either.  The Prime Rate was supplied by the principal banker, CIBC, to the Province of British Columbia. The photo below said it was "Updated on Sept 9, 2010" for September 9, 2010

CIBC Historical Effective Prime Rate, another nail in the coffin of the BC Rail trial

Today's snapshot of the CIBC Historical Effective Prime Rate says it was "Updated on December 13, 2010 for September 9, 2010.   Today is February 21, 2011 and the Prime Rate hasn't budged either up, down or sideways for five long months which I guess we can take it to mean that we should be thankful, or maybe the Finance department for the BC Government hasn't been updating their records.

Here we are, and with the help of this graph, it shows we have been moving "sideways" since September 2010


Five year overview from 2006 to 2011:
If anyone is looking for the 9% Indemnity Prime Rate on this graph, it would be just about in the middle of the black border to the right of the phrase "Interactive Chart" coloured bar in RED.

The going rate in April of 2004 when BC Rail was sold to CN Rail was 3.75%

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