Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter's here, time to crank up the Air Conditioner, what!

In my first car, that came with an air conditioner, the instruction manual said that I should turn on the ac to defrost the windshield for a couple of minutes. Yeah sure.

Those are the kind of instructions that came with my Canon F1 camera in 1972 (solid brass body) where it said to do a double exposure, rewind a half revolution then advance a half revolution. The Canon camera predecessor to the F1 said that I had to rewind one revolution and then advance one revolution.... the result of not following the instruction turned out to be a triple exposure...... and everybody who has seen it, still marvel at my creativity.


Call me slow, but after three cold winters where once my Astro Van was warmed up, I, and my passengers, were being shell shocked with water dropping from overhead...and I don't have a convertible Astro Van. It wasn't till this winter that I started to wonder why my AC unit had settings from Cold to Hot on the dash, and adding to that, I was curious as to the amount of water that is always being dumped beneath the vehicle from the AC unit in the summer.

The Astro Van, what with all of its doors, sliding and rear doors, the possibility of water coming into the van, happens, almost on a daily basis because of where I live, Metro Vancouver. This year, like previous winter years, I was finding ICE on the inside of my windshield. I seemed to spend more time prepping the inside of my windshield before starting off to work than the outside, where the windshield was encrusted with ICE.

The answer... TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONER, set at HOT. Within a two minutes, hot air is warming the inside of the van via the side window vents coming from the vents.  Switch the AC off and away you go...... or leave it on.

The Air Conditioner works at pulling the moisture out of van whether its summer or winter, spring or fall.

And that white gizmo to the right of the Air Conditioner... my alarm. Everyone knows that its a motion sensor. But inside a vehicle rather than mounted on a nearby building (garage, house, carport)? I found that having the sensor mounted on a building caught more raccoons than people, and I lost a good deal of sleep over it too when the base alarm went off inside my house. Its a wireless system, works great.

Think about this, how many good neighbours do you have that would get up out of their beds to challenge someone breaking into your car to stop the thieves while you were sound asleep in your bed? None. right? And the thieves know that.

Having he motion sensor on the Inside of the vehicle leaves it up to the thief to try and second guess if the owner will call the police, and doing it silently as the B and E is going on.