Friday, December 24, 2010

"Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hints, Secrets and Ideas" that the BBC uses

Christmas Eve, the presents are under the tree, family is coming over for dinner, time to relax, and going for a nice long hike today requires me to take a refresher course on how not to get lost.... no.... not on the internet.... not to get lost, on our North Shore mountains of Greater Vancouver, which can be as confusing as finding one's way around the BC Liberal Government web site.

I've spent a long time looking for a website full of information pertaining to the Global Positioning System, and for me, this is THE Best.

for the Garmin nüvi GPS (and others)


" have probably already discovered, the Garmin Quick Start Manual and the on-line Operations Manual for your unit are not quite enough. Some procedures are not covered in adequate depth and many procedures are not covered at all.
You will be surprised at the many extra operations that you can accomplish with your nüvi of which the general population is not aware. You have come to the right place."

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