Sunday, December 12, 2010

Private Power Watch..... you've got to see this to see Why our BC Hydro Bills are going sky high

Not my information, not my website/blog from where I found it. The gentleman who has compiled this data can be reached here: Contact

Private Power Watch   Website


In the fall of 2002, the British Columbia government released the BC Energy Plan. As part of this plan, BC Hydro, our publicly owned electric utility, is restricted from developing new generation facilities other than those in which it has already made significant investments. Furthermore, the BC Energy Plan instructs BC Hydro to acquire new supplies from the private sector. According to the Plan, 50% of new electricity needs are to come from conservation; however, much of the focus to date has been on developing new privately owned generating facilities."  SNIP

and his blog:

Private Power Watch     Blog

"Water Licences & Land Use Applications"

Openness and Accountability of BC Hydro

Financial Information Act Return

Shareholder's Letter of Expectations

 BC Hydro has paid out:
Grand Total$951,819,870
Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 April 2008 14:56 )

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