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How many consultants did the Government need to start building the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement project on February 6 2004?

Update  January 25, 2011  When I first wrote this Post, the search criteria of  "macquarie sea to sky xls" yielded ten hits on the first page of Google.  The phrase "Attendee List" sat at the #4 position, then moved down to #6, down again to #7, and now, today, its sitting in #1 position.   I can understand why it was going down on the list initially, that's because my Blog post was inserting itself above the #4 position.  Today, however ... ATTENDEE LIST is #1, front and centre, and the reason is pure as driven snow.  Partnerships BC has finally given the public what's ours to see.   Partnerships BC data has always been there, its just that Google wasn't interested in the data until their search program started to be swamped via search requests from you dear readers (Ottawa RCMP too), with just a little bit of help from this blog.

When searching the internet for information, one needs to know a few keywords, those words that have been prominently used by the BC Liberal government, or the Press, or Bloggers, for the past nine years.  Take for example:  macquarie sea to sky highway xls            xls because there are spreadsheet data files out there;   sea to sky highway because, oh I don't know, maybe because I'm looking for a possible connection that happened just after the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail, like follow the money of $166 million that ended up bankrolling the test section on the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project,    macquarie because that name was involved in financing the sea to sky highway improvement project, and for the next twenty-five years via Shadow Tolls.

The result is this:      macquarie sea to sky xls   and copied into Google, has ten hits on the first page.

Fourth, then Sixth, now Seventh item down on the Google list is the only one that has Sea to Sky AND Macquarie, but the title is kind of wierd.   Attendee List as a PDF file

Attendee List is dated February 6, 2004 and to give readers here an understanding of just where on the Timeline of BC Rail and Sea to Sky Highway that date is, you have to leave here and go to another blog.

I'm Laila Yuile, and This Is How I See It

Glad you're back, and you're about to say that the Sea to Sky Highway isn't on Laila's Timeline list, but you have to admit her list is very thorough.

"Attendee" is defined as  "A person who attends a conference or other gathering".   I don't know if there's a word called Attendeed, as in past tense of Attendee, but the important thing here is that it doesn't matter whether or not the names on THIS Attendee List  attended the conference on February 6 2004.

Its the fact that the Government of British Columbia put the names on the list, a short list, covering nine pages, of those companies/individual that they wanted to work on the Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project.

Now here's the thing, if you copy from the PDF file, as I've been copying, (not the photo above) the names of the company into Google, in conjunction with    sea to sky   , there's a hit every time, except for ONE.   I wonder why.

The date of creation on this document properties is 08/03/2004, the Author is kkennedy

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