Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho

Thank yee to all those who deliver the news!

Its 6:54 in the morning, another heavy dose of snow has been dropped on the North Shore of Vancouver, and still my newspaper is delivered, on time.

Merry Christmas


As much as I looked forward to rustling and bustling from within my own home on Christmas Eve, it was the BC Hydro blackout that "closed" us down for 12 long hours that made it worth the while.

Instead of reading something from Vinyl Cafe, we focussed more on getting to bed and thinking of what to do with the Turkey. As we heated up the inside of our home with natural gas appliances (thank goodness we don't depend upon BC Hydro for everything when it comes to the convience of a healthy lifestyle, away from chopping wood to feed the fireplaces and kitchen stoves, we had to take the added precaution of burying our meat and poultry products in the snow banks.

Snow banks, ones we've never seen at such a depth since we were children, and maybe, just maybe it wasn't that the snow was deep but really it was because we were short!

Power came on an hour later than promised, but its far better than last year's four straight days of outage. Touch wood!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Vancouver Sun has the database on Salaries, but what of names, what of titles

UPDATE JUNE 24, 2011

Public Sector Salaries

Version 3.0 of B.C. public-sector salary database now live


"Some agencies refused to provide salary data, except on paper
Chad Skelton, Vancouver Sun

From Hansard, Premier Gordon Campbell was kind enough to list off all of his public servants working out of his Office. That information, and others "Order in Council" were copied to Bill Tielman's Blog.

To use the Vancouver Sun's Public Sector Salaries database properly, one (the public) needs a bit of substance to start the ball rolling, like the names and job descriptions which basically remain the same.

Using Michael Morton, Press Secretary to the Premier as an example three names came up and by clicking on "DETAILS":

Title Not Available
Agency B.C. Government
Sector B.C. Government
Remuneration $79,326
Expenses Not Available
Year 2007-2008 Fiscal Year

Where this individual ranks...

out of the 5,452 high earners at B.C. Government 3,772
out of the 5,452 high earners at B.C. Government 3,772
out of the 33,834 high earners in the public service 26,448

Top earner overall at...

B.C. Government HAYDEN, DANA L, Deputy Minister and Vice Chair, Forestry Roundtable, $340,423
B.C. Government HAYDEN, DANA L, Deputy Minister and Vice Chair, Forestry Roundtable, $340,423
Entire public service Salvail-Lopez, Adrienne, Vice Chair, B.C. Securities Commission, $851,269.

Notes about this data
The B.C. government was one of the few agencies that refused to provide remuneration data for its staff in electronic database format. The data included here was taken from a PDF document available on the Ministry of Finance's website. For that reason, expenses and titles are not available for most staff members. You can look-up the titles of individual B.C. government staff members at

Bloggers and webmasters:

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You can also link directly to a list of all highly paid staff at B.C. Government by using this permalink or a list of everyone in the B.C. Government sector by using this permalink.
Why is Dana Hayden listed twice for the same amount of monies.... I don't know, unless of course its because she is a "DM on strategic policy" in the Premier's Office and is paid twice.....

One other minor detail, if you were to do a search on eg. Candice Hughes under the search condition of All, she doesn't show up, however restricting the search to BC Government (twice) in two separate database fields then her salary for a Clerk 5 does show up, but only because of the Vancouver Sun WebMaster's Note above of there being more than one source that the newspaper did its search on.


Lee Denny, Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Office $ N/A

Joy Illington, Deputy Cabinet Secretary, Office of the Premier $113,084

Ken Dobell, Deputy Minister to the Premier and Cabinet Secretary $ N/A
Brenda Eaton, DM to the Premier, Corporate Planning and Restructuring $ N/A
Andrew Wilkinson, Deputy Minister, Intergovernmental Relations

Kerri Brkich, Administrative Coordinator

Martyn Brown, Chief of Staff, (Deputy Minister status) $188,190

Primrose Carson, Director of Internal Liaison

Antoinette De Wit, Managing Director,Correspondence $80,798
Candice Hughes, Clerk 5 $46,180

Beth James, Director of Corporate Projects

Michelle Lemay, Director of Administration

Eric Mang, Senior Coordinator,Issues Management

Judith McCallum, Scheduling Coordinator

Michael McDonald, Director of Outreach and Special Projects

Hazel Mitchell, Executive Assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff,Coordinator

Michael Morton, Press Secretary to the Premier

Andrew Orr, Director of Communications

Neil Sweeney, Deputy Chief of Staff,Issues Management

Lisa Tees, Clerk 4 or is it Lisa Tees Public Affairs Bureau as a Public Affairs Officer

Here's what the Premier listed off and was duly recorded in Hansard:

The deputy chief of staff, executive assistant to the Premier is Lara Dauphinee.
The press secretary to the Premier is Michael Morton.
The deputy chief of staff, policy coordination and issues management is Jay Schlosar.
The director of policy coordination and issues management is Jeff Hanman.
The executive assistant to the chief of staff, manager of human resources is Melissa Safarik.
The director of communications is Dale Steeves. $84,390T
he manager, media monitoring is Rishi Sharma.
The senior coordinator, website and direct media is Nicole Chalmers.
The producer, audiovisual media is Tara Foslien.
The executive receptionist and greetings coordinator is Martina Bell.
The correspondence branch includes the managing director, Antoinette De Wit;
Chantal Barbier, the correspondence officer;
Danna McGaw, another correspondence officer;
Bernadette Whitmore, correspondence officer;
Lindsey Affleck, correspondence coordinator;
Jen Coakley, a correspondence clerk;
Carrie Oberg, a correspondence clerk;
Danielle Riley, a research and records correspondence clerk.
Martina Bell is the greetings coordinator.
Bob Alexander is a file clerk and courier.
In the scheduling branch Judy McCallum is the executive scheduling coordinator.
Tamara Davidson is a scheduling clerk.
...the cabinet offices in Vancouver, Katherine Bergen is events and project coordinator
Tara Shirley is administrative coordinator
Gail Roberts is executive receptionist and administrative support.

In the deputy minister's office (but still under the Premier Office) Jessica McDonald, who I introduced earlier, is the Deputy Minister to the Premier and the cabinet secretary.

Angela Koutougos is the executive administrative coordinator to Jessica McDonald.
Dana Hayden, who I introduced earlier, is deputy minister of strategic policy.
Deborah Laverty is the administrative assistant coordinator to Dana Hayden.
Kim Henderson is assistant deputy minister, corporate initiatives.
Rueben Bronee is the project director, public services initiative.
Elizabeth MacMillan assistant deputy minister, cabinet operations, deputy cabinet secretary
Amber Rossner is the executive administrative coordinator
Michelle Leamy is the director, executive operations
Sandy Wharf director of corporate priorities and performance management. $92,732

In cabinet operations Elizabeth MacMillan is the assistant deputy minister, cabinet operations and deputy cabinet minister.
Charlotte Powell is a cabinet committee director.
Hilary Woodward is a cabinet committee director.
Scott Bariillo is a cabinet analyst.
Kursti Calder is a cabinet analyst.
Jamie Campbell is a cabinet analyst.
Jean Hanna is a cabinet analyst
Sharon Horner is a cabinet analyst.
Debbie Tsukayama is the manager of cabinet operations.
Sohee Ahn is a senior legislative adviser.
Danielle Kavadas is an assistant legislative officer.
Nora Cedar is the OIC coordinator.
Jaime Gill is the office manager.
Mary Fairholm is the cabinet committee assistant.
Mae Williams is administrative support.
Sheila Stevenson is the documents processing coordinator.

In the deputy ministers policy secretariat Lauri Choi is acting secretariat coordinator.
In climate change Graham Whitmarsh is the chief adviser, carbon trading.
Warren Bell is a special adviser.
Laura Cornish is a research officer.
In natural resources and the economy Kathy Chopik is a chief adviser,
Lawrence Alexander is a special adviser,
Simon Coley is a special adviser,
Charles Porter is a special adviser.

In service planning and reporting Corrie Campbell is the director of service planning and reporting.

Suzanne Moreau is a service planning adviser.
In social development Tom Lee is the executive director
Raymond Fieltsch is a special adviser
Greg Perrins is a research officer

In the intergovernmental relations secretariat Virginia Greene is deputy minister
Pierrette Maranda is assistant deputy minister
Patti Dunn is senior executive assistant
Julie Turner is executive coordinator
Don Haney is executive director, economic policy in Asia-Pacific initiatives
Cathy Stigant is executive director, social policy and operations support
Garry Curtis is senior adviser, strategic services
Teresa Coburn is acting administrative assistant
Paul Craven is director, federalism and constitutional policy
Conor Donaldson is a research officer
Bryant Fairley is the director of United States relations
Deborah Quinn is executive administrative assistant, international
Grant Smith is a policy analyst. Sukumar Periwal is director of international relations
Claudia Fabbri is manager, international relations
Jessie Lloyd is a policy analyst, international relations
Vincent Portal is director, francophone affairs program

In the office of protocol Marc-André Ouellette is the director and chief of protocol
Kristine Madsen is the acting executive coordinator
Helen Carr is protocol and events officer
Mark Collins, protocol and events officer
Karen Felker, protocol and events officer
Manjit Khaira, protocol and events officer
Lucy Lobmeier, protocol and events officer
Brian Rowbottom, protocol and events officer
Daphne Armstrong, manager, special projects
Jenny Dellabough, protocol and events officer
Genevieve Elliott, protocol and events officer.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

FOI regarding ICBC Training facility "layoffs"

According to a news report, the BC Liberals were so bad at processing FOI that it was taking up to 74 days to review each request before doing anything, at all.

It doesn't come as any surprise that after the President left ICBC for a remote BC location to generate windpower, to add to BC Hydro's grid, the Vancouver Sun, and other news media outlets finally got a reply to their FOI on ICBC Repair scandal rip off that hit the newstands many months ago in the Spring.

Google Search Criteria          ICBC severances: $825,000 for chop shop employees

MSM has deleted original article

The Repair-scandal is being treated by the Minister responsible as one that he can't comment on, but offers up the excuse that the three former employees were entitled to a severance pay based on "law" even though the reason they were dismissed was because of another "law".

Is it any wonder at all as to why the trio of misfits who joined forces to be charged by the RCMP with Breach of Trust (BC Rail) will someday themselves, be enjoying a handsome severance pay even if they are found to have broken another law.

As the Vancouver Sun wrote of Mike Farnworth (NDP):