Thursday, December 4, 2008

FOI regarding ICBC Training facility "layoffs"

According to a news report, the BC Liberals were so bad at processing FOI that it was taking up to 74 days to review each request before doing anything, at all.

It doesn't come as any surprise that after the President left ICBC for a remote BC location to generate windpower, to add to BC Hydro's grid, the Vancouver Sun, and other news media outlets finally got a reply to their FOI on ICBC Repair scandal rip off that hit the newstands many months ago in the Spring.

Google Search Criteria          ICBC severances: $825,000 for chop shop employees

MSM has deleted original article

The Repair-scandal is being treated by the Minister responsible as one that he can't comment on, but offers up the excuse that the three former employees were entitled to a severance pay based on "law" even though the reason they were dismissed was because of another "law".

Is it any wonder at all as to why the trio of misfits who joined forces to be charged by the RCMP with Breach of Trust (BC Rail) will someday themselves, be enjoying a handsome severance pay even if they are found to have broken another law.

As the Vancouver Sun wrote of Mike Farnworth (NDP):