Saturday, October 25, 2008

Used Car dealerships ....... gone awry via Privacy laws that govern libraries as well

Update   August 29, 2012

I can understand why we have privacy laws here in British Columbia, but for the criminal element to be protected by that same law, is obscene.

As a reader of many books from the library, I could, once upon a time, ask for a printout of the books I've read so that I could read them again for research purposes. As it is now, my slate is wiped clean, no such information is being provided. Seems trivial you might say, but when I open a book to find that it has been cut-up, defaced, tagged by a previous reader.... there is no recourse as to who the perp was because of the Privacy Laws of British Columbia.

Kim Bolan's article today in the Vancouver Sun (Gangsters find rides at Four Star Auto Lease) is well worth the read because once again the Privacy Laws of British Columbia, and Canada, are at work to ensure that a non-descript car lot off the Barnet Highway in Coquitlam, has no access to police or ICBC's records on who are gangsters.

The owner of the car lot, Erich Schmidt, said: "You are putting us in danger by not telling us." and "If the government would let us look a little bit deeper or if the police would warn us, there wouldn't be any problem."

Perhaps the problem is deeper than what it seems. With BC's new civil forfeiture program in place its best if the police, and ICBC, keep their mouths shut because there's "money in them thar hills" if proceeds of crime are auctioned off.

There is a stark difference between my local library privacy records being shredded and that of ICBC/police. The latter still exist. If the public is to be protected from gangsters, why is it that those who know who the bad guys are, are doing so much to keep us in the dark?

Cars leased by gansters or their relatives from Four Star Auto Lease Ltd.:

3 Brothers in Crime:
Johnathn Bacon, Jarrod Bacon, Jamie Bacon

Clay Franklin Roueche     In Jail in the USA for Life

Denis Karbonarec   ?????

Harkinder Singh Hans   Deceased

Somphavanh Chanthabousala   ???????

Omid Bayani   Missing

Jorge Humberto Barreiro    ???????

Rahjinder Kaur Khela           ??????

Mohinderpal Singh Bhela

Rajni Seema Chand, car dealership owner in the next article below by Kim Bolan   ?????


"Richmond dealership run by convicted traffickerDaewoo Auto Sales manager Diven Karan Nair was sentenced to nine years in the U.S.
Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun
Published: Saturday, October 25, 2008
A Richmond car dealership that for years shared a close relationship with Coquitlam's Four Star Auto Leasing is run by a convicted international drug trafficker, The Vancouver Sun has learned.

Diven Karan (David) Nair is the general manager of the Daewoo Auto Sales dealership at 10740 Cambie Road. The business is owned by his wife Rajni Chand.

Nair was arrested in California in 1998 as part of an international heroin and cocaine trafficking scheme headed by Vancouver gangster Ranjit Singh Cheema, who pleaded guilty this year to conspiring to import."


Friday, October 24, 2008

The NDP tried this too.......

2. A new pension opportunity: The Province will create a new private sector pension opportunity for British Columbians who currently have no access to a pension plan.

Back in the good old days of the NDP the Premier Dosjahn promised to become the holder of renters' damage deposits to ensure that the monies would be there for the tenants and not be used by the landlords as a cash cow.

What was really happening behind the scenes was that the NDP had signed a collective agreement with the government employees NEVER to lay them off, so, when the sad day came that they had to be laid off the NDP came up with this idea of using their about to be laid off employees to run the Department of Damage Deposit repository....

Sounds like the BC Liberals are about to do the same thing, but this time, they want to be the vehicle by which does the holding.... for us.

As it turned out, the employees were put on paid leave. T/F

Sunday, October 19, 2008

EnCana Steeprock plant inked by Premier; bombed by acitvists three years later

This morning I received an email asking me to read the contents and make a comment.

A background search of the email led me to the Fort St. John local newspaper called From there I picked the one word of "protest" to look for in the newspaper's index.

Carbon tax came up twice, First Nations People came up once, Encana, Syncrude and BC Hydro took the rest of the ten which included many more headlines all on their own unique word.

However one shouldn't restrict themselves to just one word searches. Looking at the digitized copy of the letter provided by to the public raised the prospect of looking for two word phrases like:

"EnCana Steeprock" and "Gordon Campbell" and combined.

In the Anonymous letter that took responsibility for the two bomb blasts, the Encana Steeprock plant is mentioned almost to the day of the third anniversary on which Premier Gordon Campbell turned the taps on for Encana, in the company of other local dignitaries where together they signed the pipe.

Is it a mere coincidence that the location on which they signed the pipe is the same place that the protestors chose to bomb, or is it merely a fact that the weakest link in the pipeline is where the pipeline was signed?

UPDATE November 1, 2008

CBC News:
3rd pipeline explosion in northeastern B.C. this month
EnCana pipeline targeted again

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Misc. info and "Let's not give payday lenders the key to the store"

Is there a difference between a Leader and a Premier when it comes to a political party versus a Government of British Columbia?

I've looked and looked, and nowhere in the BC Liberal Party Constitution does it say that the Leader is also to be called the Premier and yet the BC Liberal website does exactly that. Sour grapes you might say, but its all about misleading the public via false advertising.

There is a blurring of lines where its difficult to distinguish between the real entity of an impartial Legislature website in Victoria and that of the BC Liberal Party website located in a bunker in downtown Las Vegas.

This Press Release shows Premier Gordon Campbell verbally welcoming Christopher Ian Bennett to the BC Liberals ranks..... oh goodie says I, another excellent example of how the BC Liberals blur the lines. I could well understand the Press Release if it were coming from the BC Liberal Party leader in attendance, but not so when it is being done as if it were an elected Green Party MLA crossing the floor of Legislature to join the ranks of the BC Liberals. Mr. Bennett has supposedly joined the BC Liberals to prove that he is capable of running two by-elections like that of insider Patrick Kinsella and Mark Jiles who took great care in how Gordon Campbell was portrayed, both as an MLA to be and as a Leader in waiting as a Premier.

May the public expect full disclosure, open and transparent, of all of BC Liberal membership to be released in the same fashion as well just so we'll know whether other backroom members, like that of Patrick Kinsella, is still in good standing in light of the recent expose in the Vancouver Sun of yet another case of lobbying without registering?

"For one thing, this industry has an iffy past. It has grown big in the past couple of decades by charging fees and interest that can add 10 or 20 times more than the maximum allowed by the Criminal Code." - Don Cayo Vancouver Sun

Here are two Posts from The Tyee on the PayDay Loan lenders:

Police Ordered to Probe Short Term Lenders
Money Mart charged interest topping 1,200 percent, says customer.
By Scott Deveau
Published: March 17, 2005


Kinsella Was Paid to Lobby Les, Executive Says

Patrick Kinsella, chair of BC Liberal election campaigns, has denied lobbying and is not registered.
By Sean Holman
Published: October 2, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Panic, think VIX

A recent visit to my Credit union for the yearly talk on RRSP left me smiling, even with the downturns on Wall and Bay Streets. You have to look at the big picture and from the standpoint that we will all be on planet earth for at least 87 years (unfortunate mishaps and health issues aside).

What we are seeing today, in our global economy, is nothing new.

Basic VIX Chart

A look at a historical graph on stock markets, starting off in 1902 to 2008 shows many a blip, but what seems to be driving the movement is the lack of confidence, an anxiety of fear (VIX)(published no less, on a daily basis).

Index Value: 69.95 for October 10, 2008

We are experiencing for the first time, in our lives, that which has gripped the heart and soul of others long gone from the surface of earth, however there is one difference between then and now, the internet. Ticker tapes being read by stock brokers who were squirrelled away in high rise towers with windows that opened to gain access to fresh air have been replaced with air conditioning to keep heads cool during the hustle and bustle of moving investors monies to a safer haven.

How many cases have there been reported in the media of brokers taking their own lives..........suicide?

"VIX ‘anxiety’ levels:

5-10 = extremely low anxiety = extreme complacency
10-15 = very low anxiety = high complacency
15-20 = low anxiety = moderate complacency
20-25 = moderate anxiety = low complacency
25-30 = moderately high anxiety
30-35 = high anxiety
35-40 = very high anxiety
40-45 = extremely high anxiety
45-50 = near panic
50-55 = moderate panic
55-60 = panic
60-65 = intense panic
65+ = extreme panic

You can feel fairly comfortable if VIX is moving in a range between 18 and 27."